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How To Repair Windows Error Code


May 10, 2009 Posted by: Jeff Smith

Critical Error Statistics

Statistics show that around 90% of all computers suffer from critical registry errors that put them at serious risk.

Free Error Scan

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"HELP!! I've got error code 8585"

If you've seen Error Code then you've probably seen some of this stuff too:


That's what I hear almost every time I answer the phone. Today, I got a call from a guy who had just began getting an error code message and wanted to get it fixed before things got worse. Fortunately, a quick registry fix solved his issue. You can also download the tool here.

What causes Error Code

There can be many causes for the error code 8585. It can be causes by a viruses, malware, spyware, adware or simply a corrupt application. Sometimes, it can be caused by installing a new application without completely removing a conflicting application. This can cause registry corruption or data file corruption or mis-linked files.(I talked about using Perfect Uninstaller for application removal)

I remember spending countless hours working my way through the windows registry deleting accumulated bad entries. But now, it's as simple as getting a registry tool to resolve registry errors and that is the fastest solution to this issue. No more need to be "technical" any longer.

After you download the tool, simply press the scan button and let the application do it's thing. When it's done, just tell it to clean up that messed up registry and fix that error.. FINALLY.

Another note on the windows registry...

You can seriously jack up your registry by trying to fumble through it and remove entries. Sometimes, even directions on a webpage may not be specific enough to walk you through it. One wrongly deleted key and you find yourself re-installing windows. You should definitely use the tool I use and recommend.

Another leading cause of Error Code

Another cause of this error could be spyware, adware, or malware. This is something very real plaguing the internet today and can cause a variety of weird errors and problems with your windows PC. I've seen everything from 20 pop-ups a second until the system crashes to fake blue screens and errors in the name of selling you their product. I recommend using something that you've probably heard of though. That product is good old fashioned Ad Aware. It's been around for years and does a great job. While the free version cleans up some things, it doesn't even compare to the paid version.

Well, I hope this info helps out someone out there. Please post a comment to let me know if it does!

Happy Computing!

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Posted By MikeMonell

Jeff, thanks again man. You've been one of the most helpful computer guys on the internets for several years. Your Registry Tool found almost 300 errors!! Once I finished cleaning everything up (yes! even I can use it. LOL), I didn't have the error.

Posted By Admin

haha.. no problem Mike. Glad you got it workin.

Posted By PCNut

Thanks for this post man. I usually like to manually resolve this kind of thing, but that tool kicks ass. Where I could have spent hours, it only took a few minutes. Error B Gone. -PCNut

Posted By RogerInNebraska

2 words: Awesome Advice. I had RegCure on a PC a few years back and I'd forgotten about it until I read this.It works almost every time.

Posted By NeilC

Good stuff Jeff. Like your other articles on this site too. Keep em coming!

Posted By TracyW

OMG! This saved me over 150.00!! That's what it cost me just over a month ago at the computer repair place. Thanks!

Posted By JessicaBostonMA

Simply amazing. One tool that backs up everything, cleans up fragmented registry, and restores order to the Microsoft Madness lol

Posted By TomFromCanada

This product really does work eh? I guess I'll download it and let ya know.

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